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Hostal Taniera from Rapa Nui started its service in 1992. At the time the flights to the Easter Island were
not as often as they are today and therefore the hotel business was not seen as more than an opportuniy tomake some money for few families who timidly welcomed guests to stay at their houses and offered them a place to stay and some local food.

Little was said about these words back then: Tourism, Patrimony or even Ecology. So the lodging experience forthese limited amount of homes started to take a very particular taste, based on the different guests who came visit.

One of these particular cases is the one of Cecilia Guldman and her deseased husband Daniel Ika, whom making the most out of the little available resources in Easter Island, created a homey service of lodging that has been everimproving, in space and quality, until this day. As an anecdote, it is interesting to point out, that the very first beds and furniture used in our hostal were hand made by Daniel Ika. He used the wood from the wooden containers thatbrought food once every few months to the port of Hanga Piko. This action gives Hostal Taniera that very special trend,connected directly to the re-utilisation of residues, since its very beginning.

Today, Cecilia is the great host of this Hostal. Its service is focused on sharing with guests on a personal level,while keeping a constant concern in promoting the patrimonial value of the place her guests are visiting and trying to achieve a commitment from them to keep the environmental balance. The beds are obviously not the same anymore. The quality of the place has improved, but stayed in touch with its roots of being environmental friendly.

The Hostal offers today 3 bedrooms, which can be arranged from single, double or matrimonial, each with its ownbathroom. Also a large room with 2 floors and a big bathroom, where the first floor has a king size bed and the second floor has 4 single beds available. The idea of this room is to be occupied by families, groups or couples. The service also includes breakfast with natural juices, gourmet mermelades and various cakes, everything based on local fruits and prepared hand made by the host.

We offer as well, in cooperation with touristic operators: Tours with certified tour guides for groups
of no more than 6 people. Also walks, horseback riding, diving, cultural activities, etc.

Our place has acquired over time, extra values that make the experience of staying temporarily in the Island, in moments with details that speak for their own, about our relentless commitment the environment, through actions such as technological innovation applied on a personal level, the handmade gourmet and small artistic workshops based on signature elements from the Rapanui surroundings.

Since 1998, Hostal Taniera is a part of the Tourism Department of Easter Island. Hostal Taniera is known
for its care for nature, as it develops a sustainable way of tourism. It also participates in the local program of Responsible Tourism Worker obtaining the best possible grade of 3 make make. In January 2010 it certified its business in the APL (Agreement for clean production).

In the contest EXCELLENCE IN CLEAN PRODUCTION AWARD 2011 - Category Clean Production and Production Efficiency for Small and Medium Businesses, Hostal Taniera won Honorable Mention.

WHERE ARE WE LOCATED we are located in Simon Paoa a few steps away from the Church.